Desikan Madhavanur

Executive Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Chances are, when Desikan Madhavanur makes a trip to the store, he’s doing more than picking up what’s on his list. Like us, he’ll carefully select the juiciest apples, his favorite toothpaste, or a shirt in his favorite color. But he’ll also observe how merchandise is placed, how much is in stock (or not), which items are marked down, and how many store associates are there to assist him. He’ll notice what’s running low and wonder how quickly they get more inventory where they need it – and if manufacturers can keep up with demand. He does this because he’s not only a consumer but a game-changing innovator. He sees the world differently, and for all of us, that’s a good thing.

With consumer habits shifting and constant industry changes, Desikan is guided by Blue Yonder’s core value of empathy. He leads by example, observing, listening to, and learning from others – customers, partners, and his own team members. This gives him and his team critical insights that help them think without boundaries, using insights to take calculated risks and solve problems before they become…problems.

Desikan’s mantra is to live every day like it was your last. He takes this to heart, especially when he is spending time with – or more like trying to keep up with – his two teenage daughters!

 4 Question with Desikan: 

  1. What excites you most about working at Blue Yonder?
    There is a spirit that we have at Blue Yonder – being honest and taking the right amount of risk is built into our DNA. There are very few companies working at this scale while creating value.
  2. What do our core values enable us to achieve at Blue Yonder?
    We are not only trying to build the next version but also facilitate the change the industry is going through. Having our Core Values allows our associates to really take heart and keep pace with our customers’ needs.
  3. How do you give back to your community?
    We sponsor an annual STEM competition for young women at local high schools in Dallas, where I live. Its events like this help women see the opportunities and careers available to them when they choose a career in a STEM field.
  4. If you weren’t in supply chain, what would your dream job be?
    I would be a travel guide – exploring the world and showing it to other curious travelers.