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Distribution and logistics have gone through tremendous transformation over the past 30 years. Digitization is here and real. Customer intimacy is redefined by the speed and response they can get anytime, anywhere, on a single touch. Omni-channel expectation is dominating every corner of the supply chain, B2B or B2C. Machines, devices, warehouses and trucks are now connected. Data is truly the currency of the future. And now meet the millennials! A new generation is raising expectations for faster responsiveness on the warehouse floor and to their front doors. And you’re expected to maintain profitability through it all.

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“JDA is used to run many Fortune 500 companies and the standard processes that they’ve enabled are really things that we should be able to lean on and to leverage; and that helps us when we go out into the market to not have to come up with a lot of solutions on our own from scratch, to creatively put together low-cost solutions that help our customers win more customers.”

Pete Grett, Director of IT, Strategic Integration, GENCO

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