Traxion Drives Real-Time, End-to-End Visibility and Responsiveness

Moving at the Speed of Disruption

With a fleet of 8,000 vehicles and over 1,000 customers, Traxion is Mexico’s largest logistics provider, three times the size of its nearest competitor.

As the Mexican logistics market experienced an annual growth rate of 25%, Traxion needed to maximize its speed and responsiveness, while also controlling costs to ensure profitability.

Traxion partnered with Blue Yonder to implement its transportation management solution, as well as Luminate Control Tower, to gain real-time visibility across the internal supply chain and the extended partner network. As a result, Traxion can pivot autonomously, in real time, in response to disruptions anywhere in the network.

Business Impact

Real-time, autonomous decision making

Increased network-wide visibility

Closer collaboration with partners

Ability to make cost and service trade-offs

The Challenge

Traxion was growing rapidly to keep up with the expansion of the Mexican logistics market — then, in 2020, e-commerce in Mexico doubled, compressing three years of logistics demand into just one year. Traxion needed to:

  • Manage demand volatility by having real-time visibility to disruptions
  • Collaborate more closely with partners, to extend visibility across the network
  • Make profitable decisions by balancing service and logistics cost trade-offs
  • Support autonomous decision-making, for a real-time pivot
  • Minimize risk by predicting outcomes in advance

The Results

Blue Yonder’s transportation management solution, which is consistently named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems, helps Traxion quantify savings and opportunities, balance service-level and cost tradeoffs, and prioritize execution. Enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), it automates both execution and re-planning as conditions change.

The addition of Luminate Control Tower provides Traxion with a unified view of events across its partner network. Critical alerts help planners anticipate disruptions and predict the impacts on inventory, production capacity and sales. With this combination of AI-enabled solutions, Traxion can sense and respond to upstream and downstream disruptions autonomously, in real time.

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