Do More With Less: How BY Clients Are Seeing Success With PaaS

Plantensive, Gartner rated and long-term Blue Yonder Partner, will be showcasing their latest solution to address non-value-added planning processes. Supply chain planning-as-a-service (PaaS) is emerging as a constructive alternative to in-house planning or augmentation of client teams by experienced consultant partners. Today’s talent constraint and the advancement in PaaS-related technology and associated process efficiencies are driving organizations to engage experienced practitioner teams for PaaS. PaaS is a service offering in which a team of planners assumes some level of supply chain planning responsibilities on behalf of a company, utilizing Blue Yonder software. Plantensive executes this service utilizing either the existing client’s implementation and licenses or Plantensive’s PaaS license. With our PaaS solution, your planners can allocate up to 75% of their time to strategic activities such as driving consensus and performing more strategic analysis. Therefore, they are no longer spending significant and valuable time creating forecasts, loading history, cleaning data, setting parameters, and checking algorithms. Join us to learn more about our Planning-as-a-Service solution.