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From the beginning of Telewest's Commercial Use of our name,
we've received letters of support, and inquiries from the press.
We send our heartfelt thanks to all those who reached out to us.

Directory Screen Shot of Trademark Infringing Browser
Here's a sampling of email from supporters and the Press.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know the position
Telewest will not have mentioned to you that Blueyonder is the brand name they have chosen for the launch of the first UK Cable modem connection for home use (fibre optic 512K connection for a fixed low monthly charge) and is therefore very important to them

I suggest you don't let hem off the hook to easily
Good luck for the future

Have you looked at


Brad Singer-Carter
Pegasus Web Services Ltd.

Hi Michael,

I found your site by mistake. As a Telewest victim, sorry customer, I just wanted to give you my support.


Dear Mike,

I was interested to read this posting and can sympathise with your plite!

I have been through the very same experiance with a Corporate and after a few years of getting up my nose decided to sell my domain name. I settled for 10K transfer fee (about 15K USD) plus my lawyers costs (around the same figure) in the end and for something I only paid a nominal fee for by comparison!

Whilst principly I was prepared to fight to the bitter end, I got fed up with all the 'abuse' that came with it with mis-direction etc and my out of pocket lawyers costs which was the deciding factor. In truth, the lawyers fees done more damage to me when the reality of being poorer for my principles for a name that I wasn't really struct on hit me.

I put the 'fee' towards my true passion in life, to buy a small sailing yacht and everytime I use the boat to go to the places my wife and I enjoy, we laugh and look upon it as only costing the nominal fee I paid for the internet address in the first place saying "aren't we lucky!"

We only live a few miles away from your cybersquatters headquarters and I've dealt with them over a number of issues now, so if you fancy a new car, boat or chopper; drop me a line.........

Best regards


(P.S. Like your site, very nice.)

Dear Mike.
Thanks again for you email, I can inform you that having sent numerous email to Mrs. Holly, she has to date only ever received one.

I'm afraid I am unable to help in your cause and sympathise with the problems you are faced. As I am not directly involved with your legal battle, I have to take a neutral stance on this.

One thought does pass through my mind however, that is, have you set up an auto reply to all the email's you receive, informing the sender of your plight?

This way you may be able to canvass additional support.

Mike, expect little or no further communication from me, my departmental line manager will advise me to break communications and not to be involved any further.

However, kind regards and good luck.

Gill Thomas.
Midlands Police

Dear sirs,

I am disgusted to see that you've been "dozed"

My reason for locating your site was to enquire about ISDN & Web services from Telewest - In the light of what I have found, I will be seeking business services elsewhere.


Glenn Stevens

Hello, I just found your website cause I got a suspicious email from, containing an empty text file, (i scanned for viruses and it was clean) it was titled from "Nobody" but I just realized it was
Do you have anything to do with them? even if you don't, you might like to know they are doing this because they share the same name as you even though they might be in a different country...


Dear Sir/Madam:

I think it would be a good idea for you to put a link up to the main Blueyonder in England. That way, its easier for visitors instead of making them type in a url again.

Many Thanks

J Smith
(Blueyonder customer)

"main Blueyonder in England"... hahahaha, that's rich, J !


no i'm not someone confused by the telewest crap, but a journalist working for a newspaper in the UK, writing about Telewest, and how bad their blueyonder service is. from the tone and text on your site, i can see you've had a few runs ins with telewest.

have they actually ever tried buying the domain name from you?

kind regards

new media editor
the guardian

News For April 30,2000
Cableinet Update

By:Daniel @ 10:25:AM GMT - April 30,2000 - Just to update you on Cable Internet.

They have had 122 announcements from the 23rd of March to 30th April(today)ranging from name servers problems to DNS problems and mail problems. You name the problem and we bet Cable Internet have had it.

Although the speeds are improving they are having problem after problem. We have found no engaged tones while using Cable Internet at the moment.

We just found this off the newsgroups. We have emailed him about this and asked him to reply back about this.

My daughter had accidentally sent an email to and she was not alone. Mike runs a web design and PR company and registered and other similar ones several years ago. He spent a lot of his Easter weekend replying to misaddressed emails.

Telewest have allegedly offered to buy the domain from him for a paltry sum and half a paltry sum if he doesnt relinquish the related domains as well

We have a funny feeing this will turn into a court case if he refuses to sell it.

Hello. I work for a ISP web site about ISP's in the UK
I have heard that telewest have tryed to buy your domain. Is that true?
If you have any other news to tell me email me back

Dan Bayliss

Hello Mike,

You are going to love this!

I just received my welcome pack for the cable modem service.
Part of the Internet Explorer 5 customisations are two link buttons.

Blueyonder/Support and Blueyonder/Members.

Sadly, both point to

Perhaps you could put a couple of pages up and sell something?

Best Wishes


From: "Daniel Bayliss" <>
Subject: Posting From Newsgroup
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 13:14:04 +0100

Patrick Malone wrote:

Like many others I received my welcome pack yesterday. I fancied a bit of blue whale on my IE5 for a change so I thought , "Why not?"

The installation places two links on the linkbar in IE. One for
BLueyonder Support and one for Blueyonder Members.

Sadly both point to which at the moment Telewest does not own!

Perhaps someone from Blueyonder would care to explain?

Mr Malone,

We are aware of this config error in the client software and are working on getting this fixed in the next release of the software.

We can only apologise for this oversight and let you know that we are working on getting this repaired at the moment, and thanks for the report.


Alex Brown
Webmaster, blueyonder

Well, God Bless Paddy Malone, sez I.

That "next release" Alex referred to, came about SIX MONTHS later.
During that entire time, Telewest laid claim to OUR Name.
Of course, not everyone upgrades to the latest , and that browser may still be in use!


From: David Molony <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Ham-fisted comms giant steals name etc.
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 10:07:25 -0000

hello Michael

Are you still having trouble with Telewest over use of the domain name ? Or have you sold up? Let me know if anything is still happening between your lawyers!

David Molony
'The newspaper of global networking'
33-39 Bowling Green Lane
London EC1R 0DA
Fixed: +44 (0)20 7505 8642
Mobile: +44 (0)7950 162 435
Fax: +44 (0)20 7505 8655

Here is a copy of the story posted by reporter Dugie Standeford of Warren Communications in Washington Internet Daily, and her quote to us of Telewest's response.
At that time, we had received some 18,000 emails meant for Telewest staff, partners and customers.
You will enjoy the irony of their response.


Domain Names
A small Cal. dot-com said Telewest Communications, a U.K. cable company, appropriated its domain name and flooded its Web site with unwanted e-mail.
Michael Mahoney said he has owned the domain name since 1996 and uses it in connection with his graphic design business.

In Jan., Mahoney said, Telewest tried to buy the domain name, but negotiations failed and Telewest walked away without it. Some time later, he said, the company bought and began using it for its Internet service.

Since Telewest opened the site at, Mahoney said, he has received more than 16,000 e-mails intended for Telewest engineers, employees, partners and customers, while mail for him apparently has been diverted to the U.K. name.

“It takes hours out of my work day just to cull through [the messages] looking for email from my and my wife’s clients, much less trying to let people know that their privacy is being violated,” Mahoney said Sept. 14 in an e-mail to someone whose mail he has been receiving.

The situation is so bad he has coined a name for Telewest’s behavior: “Cyberbulldozing.
” He said that indicated “when a giant corporation deliberately uses a do-main name so confusingly similar to that of a small business that the small business is plowed under with un-wanted
mail.” The barrage is affecting his business, he said. “I’m at my wits’ end.”
Telewest couldn’t be reached for comment by our deadline. — DS

Mike: Here is Telewest's response to my questions about your situation.
Would you care to comment?

Telewest's response

Telewest uses its domain name,, to promote and manage its service blueyonder. The service is only available to customers in selected regions of England and Scotland.
'We would be are happy to work with any similarly-named sites to look at ways to redirect any consumers who inadvertently visit them.
We are aware that a small handful of consumers have contacted There is nothing deliberate about this.
We do not believe it is possible to filter another domain name's e-mail and we would not do so even if it were.

Telewest, of course, offers email diversion as one of it's services to it's customers.
They are allowed to have from five to fifteen aliases...this straight from a Telewest communication about setting up email aliases..

And I quote:
"blueyonder provides a range of Email forwarding services to its Business customers, even if they have a simple dial-up Internet connection.

For the dial-up user, blueyonder will register and set up a domain name of your choice. Your standard blueyonder dial-up account can then be used as the means of sending and receiving email with an address that is specific to your business. You will be able to advertise your unique email address on business cards, letter-headed paper and advertisements, promoting a high-profile image to your customers."


From: "Tim Richardson" <>
To: <>
Subject: Fw: telephone call
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 17:35:32 -0000

michael - i have finally made contact with someone at telewest who is prepared to sit up and listen. (fingers crossed)
can you please forward your allegations (and proof if you can ) so i can put them to telewest.



Tim is a "reporter" for an online tech pub in the UK called The Register, at one time a maverick site favored by the UK technorati.

Tim called us by phone from the UK, to ask about our Telewest problem. We didn't talk long and he didn't seem particularly interested in what I was having to say. He just wanted know how much Telewest offered me and if I had any juicy confidential email that I'd send him.
Tim then emailed me and asked me to send him my allegations and proof ...
I wouldn't , and couldn't, give him any confidential stuff and I didn't hear from him again.

In The Register soon after, Telewest began sponsoring Tim's coverage of Broadband, displaying a special Telewest Header Banner..

Our story has never been covered by any "reporters" who have contacted us for information from The Register, Totaltele, The Guardian or DigitalSpy in the UK.
They do, however, "report" Telewest's Press Releases, receive advertising revenue from Telewest and Microsoft, host Telewest online forums, and generally speak glowingly of Telewest's "blueyonder".

The Register is now a Microsoft Partner Site.

( Falk AG, who plasters ads all over the Register, today [May 5, 2004] announced a partnership with Microsoft to spam Microsoft's Hotmail customers with approved, paid for advertising.
They've also reportedly developed a Popup Window Blocker override to make sure their ads clutter your window and get through your email filter.)

But don't get me wrong here, dear Register, I have enjoyed your site and the snippets of reporting amongst the spin. It's just getting a little chilly in there.

Thanks, friends.
Your support means so much.

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