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Trademark and Copyright Infringement

Microsoft and Telewest Laid False Claim to ownership of BLUEYONDER.COM by embedding button links into MS Internet Explorer for Telewest "Member" and "Support" sites that linked to BLUEYONDER.COM addresses .
Microsoft upgraded it's operating sytem using OUR Intellectual Property.

This is a Screen Shot from Microsoft Internet Explorer for Telewest.with a drop down menu linking to BLUEYONDER.COM, that was Distributed by Telewest to it's customers.
If your browser runs CSS, Put your mouse over the Browser menu to see a larger view.

Screen Shot of Microsoft's Trademark Infringing Browser

Trademark Infringement

  1. Microsoft, Liberty Media and Telewest tried to buy our name from us.
  2. They pressured us to give up our Trademark Rights and resorted to threatening us.
  3. They illegally used our name for email addresses for their staff and customers.
  4. They used Our EXACT Name.
  5. They copied Our distinctive use of lower case letters, using the same or a similar typeface.
  6. They distributed a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer that illegally incorporated our intellectual property, and falsely claimed ownership of our Identity and Registered Domain Name.
  7. They partnered with Andersen Consulting/Accenture and Cobweb to provide internet and graphic design services to put businesses online, called Blueyonder Workwise
  8. This put them in direct competition with us using Our Own Name.

This is our Logotype with the cloud background from our website
Our blueyonder logo

...and these became Telewest's infringing logos.

Identical Name,
The Same, or Confusingly Similar Logotype.

This is called "Passing Off" in the UK.

Telewest blueyonderWhale Logo
Telewest, Andersen, Cobweb  blueyonder workwise  Logo

    Telewest, Andersen, Cobweb  blueyonder workwise  Logo

Telewest, Andersen, Cobweb  blueyonder workwise  Logo

Telewest, Andersen, Cobweb  blueyonder workwise  Logo

Telewest blueyonder broadband  Logo
Telewest powered by blueyonder b  Logo

Telewest blueyonder challenge  Logo

Telewest blueyonder surf unlimited  Logo

Telewest blueyonder email list manager Logo

Telewest blueyonder recommends  Logo

Telewest blueyonder Logo

These are examples of violations of Trademark,
Copyright and Domain Name Law and Regulations,
as well as Unfair Competition.

1. Telewest uses our Trade Name...
    AFTER trying to buy it from us.

2. Telewest copies our Logotype.

3. Telewest creates BLUEYONDER WORKWISE
    to create and manage web sites for it's
    customers and competes directly with us
    using our identity and the confusingly similar
    Domain Name,

4. Microsoft, a major owner of Telewest, illegally
    incorporates our intellectual Property into
    the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

5. Telewest distributes the infringing Microsoft
    Windows Operating System Software Upgrade
    and Also Claims Ownership of our Intellectual

     (Now available by paid subscription only)

     "We are never going to allow the big picture to
     cause us to do stupid, short-term things,"

     John C. Malone was quoted as saying in an
     interview in the Wall Street Journal.

Telewest blueyonder abuse  Logo

Telewest blueyonder products  Logo

Telewest blueyonder press releases  Logo

Telewest blueyonder racing bike Logo

I got to talking to the young checker in the grocery store about computers, web sites, and domain names.
I handed him one of my business cards.
A light of recognition came into his eyes and he said, "Didn't you sponser a racing bike in that speed record race out in the Nevada desert a couple months ago?
I was out there. I thought your name was familiar..."
No, I sighed. That was the guys I was telling you about.

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