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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oy Dicko,

Do you really trust them?

Posted by Mike Mahoney @ 06:46 PM PDT [Link]

Thursday, March 11, 2004

I have operated a small Graphic Design Business in California called BLUE YONDER ® since 1995.
My BLUEYONDER web site was first posted in 1995 and relaunched at BLUEYONDER.COM in 1996.
I chose BLUEYONDER as a tribute to my Father, a career US Army/Air Force First Sergeant.

In 1998, my wife Trish and I moved from Santa Cruz California, on the Ocean near Silicon Valley, to the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe. The idea was to live in a small town, have a peaceful life, get in some skiing and snowboarding and help small businesses to look as good as the big guys, if not better.

It was a struggle, relocating and lining up new clientel, but things were starting to even out.
In January 2000, our lives were to take a financial and emotional downturn that we could never have expected.

January 25, 2000
The telephone rang... there was a British accent on the other end of the line.
I have family in England, so that usually means a baby has been born, someone's getting married,... or somone has died.

But, this time, it was the voice of a rather pleasant broker in England named Robert, asking me to sell my Domain Name, BLUEYONDER.COM, to his client. His company, Netsearchers, had been hired to acquire my Domain Name.
He would not divulge who his client was or how they intended to use the domain. He named a dollar figure.

I told him that BLUE YONDER had been the name of my Graphic Design Business since 1995 and that I'd owned and used BLUEYONDER.COM in my business since 1996.
I also told him that it was a tribute to my Dad, and that BLUEYONDER.COM was NOT FOR SALE

The first broker, Robert asked me to think over the initial offer and get back to him by email.
My wife and I discussed it and decided that we weren't interested. I emailed Robert, but didn't hear back from him for several days. When he did call me, he said that he'd been ill.

But strange things had started to happen.
I began to take hours, sometimes days to receive my email.
The headers indicated that email to me was being routed through the UK.
Now, email can circumnavigate the globe in seconds, and there's no reason for email sent from one Northern California location to another to go to the UK first, and take days to do it.

Robert was persistant, it was his job after all, and he upped the dollar amount a little when he next rang us up.
I made it clear that BLUEYONDER.COM was not for sale, as it had a lot of meaning for me.
Someone would have to offer us a significant improvement in our lives in exchange, for us to even entertain the notion.
He understood completely and respected my position.
He conveyed my feelings to his clients ... and was soon replaced by a more aggressive negotiator.

We were next confronted by Nick Wood.
Nick was quite agressve. He upped the offer a little, which we rejected.
Obviously, this lack of success wasn't met with much approval by his employers and Nick got more insistant. He finally told us that we'd be sorry if we didn't sell.

I noticed that someone was buying domain name variants of BLUEYONDER and confronted him by email. It was Simon Read, legal counsel for Telewest plc. Read was apparently buying the BLUEYONDER domains under his own name to conceal Telewest's involvement.
Read told me that Telewest had bought another domain and wouldn't be needing ours, thank you.

I figured that Telwest had given up on the BLUEYONDER idea, because of our legal rights to the identity, and had chosen another name altogether, so that they could have all the name rights that they'd need to change the identity of their internet service.
The amount they offered wouldn't have made a positive difference in our lives, and certainly wouldn't compensate us for giving up our established identity, so we considered the matter closed.
We'd stay us, and they'd go find something else more appropriate.

It was not to be.
It all went downhill and ugly from there.

Posted by Mike Mahoney @ 07:21 PM PDT [Link]

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

"I get it.
They wanted your name because it's the Best Name, the Top Name, the WWW Name.
You Wouldn't Sell it to them... So, They Just TOOK IT!"

Troy 7 1/2

Posted by Mike Mahoney @ 12:25 AM PDT [Link]


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