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Thimk! Cartoon

I created the above object / field reversal "New Apple" Icon, featured in this satirical cartoon, when Bill Gates and Microsoft made a sizable investment in Apple Computer® in 1997.

It was becoming clear that Microsoft, already under anti trust investigation, would definitely have a monopoly if Apple went under.

Worm in the Apple Cartoon

In keeping with my tongue in cheek take on this partnership of strange bedfellows, I also created this version of the "New Apple" logo.

Both Jobs and Gates were at each others throats in court over Apple's charges that Microsoft stole the look and feel of Apple's window based Graphical User Interface. Now, MS Internet Explorer would become the default browser on Macs.

Both cartoons were submitted to various online and print publications aimed at Macintosh users.
Although I never received any responses, including rejection notices, the "Worm in the Apple" cartoon was plagiarized in an online tech news website on the East Coast.

It was clear that my work was good enough to steal, but not to acknowledge or pay royalties for.

Being a sarcastic sort by dint of my Irish upbringing, I also emailed copies to Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft, hoping to give them a chuckle as well.

Neither Jobs nor Gates ever responded, although I was later told that the cartoons had made the rounds at Apple to much delight.
I had no idea what was to be in store for me in the future.

Almost three years later, I was to realize sharing my cartoons was to have a negative effect on my life and business.

In January 2000, I received a phone call from an Intellectual Property Broker in the UK trying to persuade me to sell my domain name

I made it clear that the name, which I've owned since 1996, was not for sale, and that BLUE YONDER ® has been the Trade Name of my Graphic Design business since 1995.

A small dollar figure was thrown at me.

I asked who their client was and how they intended to use the name.

The broker would not disclose the identity of their client or give us any other information.

I discovered that it was a Cable, Internet and Telephone provider in the UK called Telewest

Although in the UK, Telewest was owned by US billionaires John Malone, Bill Huff and Bill Gates, and AT&T, MediaOne, Microsoft, United Artisits, Vivendi Universal, Cox , and several other un-named partners.

When we refused to sell, we were repeatedly contacted by a series of people whose approach disintegrated from the initial polite request into threats.

Telewest marketing director Philip Jansen, rumoured to take the helm at NTL when it's merged with Telewest, told us "that it would be in our best interests to sell" our identity to them.

Bottom Line
We refused to sell.

For more on this Landmark Bungled Branding Fiasco,
Telewest and US... and
What's All THIS, Then?

Satire, Parody and Fair Use:
"A parody must convey two simultaneous and contradictory messages:
that it is the original, but also, that it is not the original and is instead a parody."

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