Lake Tahoe
  Summer 2002
  Outrigger Canoes
  Sail and Paddle
  Beach Camp
  Climbing Camp
  Draught Horses
  Rafting Camp
  Camp Bus
  Fletcher's Trick

  Fall 2002
  Fall Trees
  Fall Lake
  No Playing
  Old Bridgetender
  Nose Art
  Pickup Dog
  Chevy 4x4 1
  Chevy 4x4 2
  Chevy 4x4 3
  Snow Veteran

  Winter 2002-03
  Snow People
  Snow Family
  Blowing It
  Ski Hill Trolly
  Olympic Torch
  Ice Sculpture
  Nali, Rescue Dog
  Snow Drapes
  Blue Snowman
  Too Fast on Ice

  Summer 2003
  River Rafting
  Tahoe City Float
  Through the Trees
  River Ranch Pool 1
  River Ranch Pool 2

  Middle Truckee River
  Pumping Rafts
  Duct Taping
  Pep Talk
  Loading Up
  Starting Out
  Hirshdale Stretch
  Fly Fisherman
  Last pool
  Heading Down
  Entering Rapids
  Two Through
  Jaws Red Raft 1
  Jaws Red Raft 2
  Jaws Red Raft 3
  Jaws Red Raft 4
  Jaws Purple Raft 1
  Jaws Purple Raft 2
  Jaws Purple Raft 3
  Jaws Purple Raft 4
  Jaws Purple Raft 5
  Jaws Drop 1
  Jaws Drop 2
  Jaws Blue Raft 1
  Jaws Blue Raft 2
  Jaws Carnage 1
  Jaws Carnage 2
  Jaws Carnage 3
  Jaws Carnage 4
  Jaws Carnage 5
  Jaws Drop
  Jaws Splash
  Jaws Teeth 1
  Jaws Sideways
  Jaws Teeth 2
  Shelly Bronco
  Bronco Rapids 1
  Bronco Rapids 2
  Bronco Rapids 3
  Bronco Rapids 4
  Bronco Rapids 5
  Bronco Rapids 6
  Happy Rafters 1
  Happy Rafters 2
  No Tips from M$
  Nice Chevy

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