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The Ambroses

"Teaching and writing are one to me -- in each case I am telling a story.
As I sit at my computer, or stand at the podium, I think of myself as sitting aound the campfire after a day on the trail, telling stories that I hope will have the members of the audience, or the readers, leaning forward just a bit, wanting to know what happens next."

Stephen E. Ambrose

Stephen E. Ambrose Web SIte
Ambrose Books, Wild Blue, Citizen Soldiers, Band of Brothers

Those who do not learn from history
are condemned to repeat it...

Ambrose Books, D-Day, Rise To Globalism, Nothing Like It In The World

In sharing tales of history with us, Stephen Ambrose has revealed hard earned lessons that may help us, if we are wise enough, to recognize and prevent their repetition.

It was Ike, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, President of the United States and straight shooter who warned us...
"Beware of the military - industrial complex"

All of us who have lost our jobs, our investment money and our retirements due to the greedy and corrupt manipulation of the technology industry by a small group of billionaire clubbies, would do well to read Ambrose's book, "Nothing Like It In The World", about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.
It was the biggest scandal of the Lincoln Administration and is the blueprint for the current technology scandal that is bankrupting America and the World, and making a very few people and companies even more powerful and wealthy.

We, as human spirits, are in this together.
Money is just stuff... and the richest man in the world will not buy his way into heaven with stuff.

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