First Sergeant 1930's

I chose the name Blue Yonder for my Graphic Design Business in 1995 as a Tribute to my Father, First Sergeant J.P. Mahoney.

Dad spent 32 years in the U.S. Armed Forces as a non-commisioned officer.
As anyone who has been in the military knows, it is the First Sergeant who makes the service function.

Pictured above, First Sergeant, Co. L, Vermont National Guard
My father was also a police officer for Newport Vermont, US Army AEF Combat Military Police, and the Department of Defense,

Dad's life and military career was an example of honesty, integrity and dedication.
As my brother John wrote for Dad's Memorial:
"No man has ever loved his god, his country, or his family more"

This is for my Dad, and the ones he loved. It's a Family album.
I love you, Dad and Mum.
Thanks for showing me how to be a decent human being.