The Mahoney Boys in Germany. Thanks to the internet, my brothers are still in touch with some of their friends from those years.
Being brats had it's ups and downs. Leaving friends when you're transferred out is probably the toughest thing on kids. Seeing the world and discovering that no matter where you go, people are the same the world over, is a big plus. It puts things into perspective and allows you to accept people for who they are, rather than where they're from.

My life as an Air Force Brat afforded us opportunities to see the World that only the rich are usually able to experience, and I am very grateful for that.
Our Parents gave us the world.

I've been able to view the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London, when you could gaze in wonder and not be herded past them by armed guards.
In the courtyard of the Tower, I listened to a Beefeater talking about the beheading of Mary Queen of Scots, when he pointed to me and said, "There, on the exact spot where that young man is standing!"
I walked in Sir Walter Raleigh's footsteps on Raleigh's Walk in the Bloody Tower, where he was imprisoned.
I tread the drawing room of King Ludwigs Fairytale Castle in Bavaria, and sat enthralled with Julie Andrews and the original cast of My Fair Lady in Drury Lane Theater in London.

To be able to examine Turner's brushstrokes, be inches from the Rosettta Stone and the original Alice Through the Looking Glass, a small leather bound sketchbook with the handwritten story on one page and the illustration on the facing page, has been an inspirational gift. Thanks Folks.