In 1958 Dad was assigned to a Tactical Fighter Squadron in England, the 78th Bushmasters. His office was right on the flightline in the quonset huts pictured above.
I went to the office with him one day and there was an F101 Voodoo fighter jet running up on the tarmac just to the right of the huts, above. The noise was deafenening. Dad's hearing began to go downhill with this assignment.

I got these pictures from Linn Barringer, who built and hosts the RAF Woodbridge/Bentwaters and 78th Bushmasters web sites. Linn scanned and posted the 1959 Squadron Yearbook and posts letters from GI's and their families who served at the Twin Bases during WWII and until it's closure.
Linn does this as a labor of love and I can't thank him enough for his efforts and kindness.

In his letter, posted by Linn on the RAF B-W site, John DiPisa referred to my Dad as the best 1st Sgt in the AIr Force. Thank you, John.