About a year and a half later, along came another boy, Earl.
Here are my Mother's Parents with my brothers in Vermont. Both of my grandparents descended from the pioneers that settled the area of Northern Vermont / Southern Quebec, long before there was a border there.
We share genes with the local Abenaki native people.

My Grandfather was a railroad brakeman for Canadian Pacific and a self taught artist. Pop would make carvings and castings and create small tabletop scenes of Vermont life. Several pieces are on display in the Newport Vermont Museum.

Pop started working on the railroad when he was just a kid. As a boy, his job was as a "Candy Butcher"; he'd sell candy to passengers on the train. It was in this capacity that he met Buffalo Bill Cody who was traveling with his Wild West Show by train. When I was about eight years old, Pop showed me an autographed picture that Cody had given him.