Company L , which had been attached to the 409th Combat Military Police, trained and provided security of Nantucket Island.
German submarines had been spotted off the coast and there was a fear of invasion from the northern waters.

But they were soon to be needed elsewhere, and Company L was sent south for advanced training. All Dad told me about it was how much he hated the humidity, the mosquitos, the sand fleas and the chiggers.

The Army, in it's infinite wisdom, decided to make my Dad a Drill Instructor and kept him for another rotation while his men went on to advanced training and were postioned to guard German Prisoners of War.

The War was something that Dad never talked about, nor did he watch war movies. He's not around for me to ask now, but I caught bits and pieces of it when he talked to other GI's throughout his career, and things my Mother and older brothers told me.