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Editorial Comment: Labour Day 2003

My grandfather, Jack Mahoney, made his living as a "Docker" on The London wharfs loading and unloading ships with "Hooks" in his hands and a load on his back.

My Grandfather, Great-Grandfather and Great Uncle organized the "Dockers" into the World's first labour union, fighting for a fair wage for the men who literally, "broke their backs" feeding and housing their families.

These men introduced and fought for the concept of a minimum living wage. Working people of the World owe them a debt of gratitude for their courage, because their struggle led to the creation of the working middle class and global prosperity.

Today, in 2004, we face their struggle again.
A small, wealthy ruling class of billionaires and the global corporations they control, have joined ranks to decide our future without our consent.

Through stock market manipulations and corporate takeovers, they have ruined the global economy so that they can buy it up for pennies on the dollar.

With the aid of our banking institutions and campaign contibutions to compliant politicians, they have fixed prices, lied about the value of their cartels, decimated their competitors and left us without choices.

Retirement funds and money market accounts have been bled to subsidize their global takeover of technology, energy and communications.
Individual shareholders stocks have been canceled and handed over to these billionaire clubbies by the banking institutions that took your hard earned wages and effectively "gave" it to them.

Cartel control of the dominant media has resulted in the loss of objective reporting, and we are increasingly exposed only to devisive programmng and "news" reporting that seeks to pit us against each other.

As News Corps' Rupert Murdoch was quoted,
"There's no law against slanting the news"

The negative plethora of "Reality TV" programming that glorifies backstabbing behaviour for personal achievement seeks to legitimize unethical corporate tactics as "the norm".
It's a subtle shift in mass consciousness to the negative.

The divide beween the "Haves" and "Have-Nots" grows daily at an alarming rate.
Unemployment and redundancies in the US and UK are dismally shocking, while Golden Parachutes for corporate executives who torpedo their companies so that they may be acquired for a song, continue to rise to ridiculous figures.
Even more alarming is that these same self-serving executives find their way into government agencies that regulate the very industries and companies they profit from.

Despite the Electoral Circus that has been foisted on us in the US in Florida, in California, and now in our upcoming Presidential Election, I still believe that an informed Citizenry can turn this disgusting series of events around.

The US Congress, to it's credit, is challenging recent executive decisions that erode the rights of American Citizens and give aid to Corporate Monopolization of Communications and Energy.
They need your support.

Members of the European Union, too, must wake up to the disintegration of their rights and the control these global cartels exert over their future.
Those who do not know history, are condemned to repeat it.

We are NOT mindless "Consumers" with no role other than to further line the pockets of the rich.

Our future Must NOT be dictated by a self-imposed ruling class who considers us ignorant and irrelevant.
They ARE NOT Superior Beings by dint of their Blood Line.

(The Bush's are related to that German aristocracy that still inhabits the English Throne... They are the late Diana's distant cousins.
To me, Diana was a rose in a thicket of thorns.
George W is a third generation member of that US spin-off of the German Thule Society, The Yale Skull and Bones, and of the Secretive Bohemian Club, where global economic policies are defined at their Sonoma Retreat.)

As Actor and Humanitarian Danny Glover so aptly put it:
"There is something dark and sinister going on..."

The Preamble to the US Consititution begins:
"We, the People..."
I urge you to educate yourselves and to VOTE!

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