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Recognition of your identity will be centered around your Logo or Mark.
It must scale well and be adaptable to various uses and treatments.

Consider the Mark as a Visual Mission Statement.
The Message Should Be Quickly Understood

Holopuni OC3 Logo

Getting the word out
Advertising takes many forms and each has it's own demands and limitations. Knowing how to maximize the potential of each form of media is crucial to it's effectiveness in reaching your target market.

Your audience wants to be engaged and informed.

Holopuni Display Ad

Collateral materials include most informational items that are given to customers or potential customers, such as data sheets, catalogs, brochures, and hang tags.

In the broader sense, they include most literature that is used to promote or sell products and services such as point of purchase displays and give away items.

Synchrome Maestro Data Sheet

Packaging is used to protect, market, inform, illustrate, delineate and differentiate products.
It's design will be determined by the esthetic of the target market and those of the end user.

Technological advances in materials and construction, will continue to offer opportunities for innovation while at the same time making standardized sizes more readily available at lower cost to the manufacturer or reseller.

Synchrome Maestro Box

Illustration is the visual representation of ideas and instruction.
Design is the application of inspiration through the use of structural principals that define and shape the relationships between the parts of a whole.
Discovery is the process of finding parts that were unknown to be a part of the whole.
Association in the mind of the viewer will make the design memorable.

Blue Yonder® Patch
  Web Sites

Web site design is dependent on the broadness or narrowness of the intended audience, with respect to their access to advanced or entry level technology.

A simple to navigate, broad based approach will reach more people than a cutting edge multimedia site, and if kept fresh, will bring visitors back. Screen Shot

Consultation is the act of exchanging information to achieve a common goal. It's about building a relationship that is centered on creating solutions and projecting future growth.

A partnership is forged for the purpose of enhancing the positions of the parties involved and making something of substance come about from a shared vision.

Nick and Mike Consult