Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I was in my late 30's, my Dad, who had defended his country for most of his life, made a comment to me that didn't seem to fit in with the career military line he usually preached. He said that you can't trust politicians... ANY of them.
His feeling was that'd they'd all sell their mothers or daughters if the price was right.

I've come to the conclusion that Dad was pretty darn right on target.
Ever since George Bush emerged from the shadow world of the CIA to direct the Reagan Presidency, like Dick Cheney did for W, the American People have been on a slippery decline into that Old World Order way of doing business, and we've been dragging the rest of the world down with us. Yes, George made it quite clear when he declared the New World Order and invaded Iraq, that the Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild Empire was returning to power with a New Global Reich, the Fourth.

The dollar is worth piddle, the Deutsche Mark is solid. Imagine that. US Citizens work for the same 8 bucks an hour thay made in 1978 but a gallon of gas is 3 bucks and a crap 60 year uninsulated old stucco shell of a house in a gang tagged neighborhood is 300,000 bucks. Daimeler, whose WMD's rained hell down on the heads of my family in London during the Blitz never lost step and now markets macho trucks to American cowboy dreams through their latest major aquisition, Chrysler. Can you say third world city, Detroit? Prosperity, my hinie.

But it's not an issue of money, which means survival for the working Joes and Jills of the world... it's about power remaining in the hands of those who really do believe that they are superior by bloodline to the rest of us. There is only one way to get lots of it and that's to play along.. ask Bill Gates. Whoopsy, another back door into Windows, How'd that happen?

But money works very well in making the puppets dance. Amoral book cookers, arms merchants and hit men care only for the highest bidder.. there's always been work for them. In our not too distant past, these mercenaries proudly flagged their ships with the skull and cross bones as pirates for the Royal Families of Europe, and now in their secret societies on the universities their descendants built to teach their children to steal with a pen instead of a gun or sword. Only seventy years ago they emblazoned their uniforms with the death head of the SS to do the dirty work of overthrowing another democracy from within.

For those not so easily bought, subtlety needed to be employed. So the cynically painted sugerplum visions of racial success and finally being acknowledged for hard work and dedication were dragged out and offered as incentives.
Ah yes... General Powell, young Mikey, Condie, Mac, Bill, Hill, John, Arnold... they dangled those lovely morsels in front of you, and you reached for them with stars in your eyes. Why, you will be able to make a real and positive difference for your people, your country, the WORLD... if you just go along with THIS plan for a little while longer, after all these are big issues that can't be solved in a year or two, and we need time to bring those poor unenlightened around to seeing things correctly.

Well boys and girls, they lied to you...
and you lied to us

and my Dad was talking about you

Posted by Mike Mahoney @ 06:59 PM PST [Link]

Thursday, March 11, 2004

April 29, 2002

After Over Two Years as a RealNames customer with the Keyword, BLUEYONDER, RealNames has TAKEN the UK BLUEYONDER Keyword From US and GIVEN it to one Of Their Partners, Telewest Broadband, aka Telewest Communications aka Telewest plc.

Microsft then announced that it will no longer support RealNames and Keith Teare closed the doors. RealNames took our money for the US BLUEYONDER keyword and did not provide the service we contracted with it to provide. In taking the UK BLUEYONDER keyword away from us in the third year of service and handing it over to Telewest, RealNames and Telewest have taken anti-competitive action against us.

Posted by Mike Mahoney @ 07:56 PM PST [Link]

Voting PC's Crashing the Vote Out

Apparently, Orange County's electronic polling computers made the wrong count.
Big Time. More votes than voters. No way to recount because there is no paper trail or record.
Uhhhh, no log..? no data..? Wait, who wrote the software? Microsoft?

But since there were less votes recorded in another district than there should have been...
and the election wasn't really close anyway...
what the hell, it all averages out... right?

What's wrong with checking a box on paper with that "special" pencil.
Too simple? Too accurate?

Oh yeah, and for Pete's sake... Let's toss the electoral College Out.
One American
One Vote

Quit screwing around with the Bill of Rights, will ya?

Posted by Mike Mahoney @ 02:16 AM PST [Link]


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